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This Is A Vortex
A Place Lost In Time

September 2004
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So we are about halfway through the game just past Subway world 2nd Time and just beginning Forest world 2nd time. So far I would have to say it is the scariest Silent Hill ever....maybe not because of the gore...the gore factor is low. (in most parts), but purely because you can't help but feel sorry for Henry. He is very normal...unlike James who killed his wife, or Heather who well...she was a bitch...Harry was normal...but has a tendency to have spooky children....Henry on the othe rhand from what I can tell just has the strange love for Silent Hill, and Cars.

I must have said OH HENRY! at least a million times...just because I felt so bad for him....I even like Eileen and usually characters you have to drag around with you I abhor...BUT...she fights BACK! Then well...


Let's just say there is something infinitly more creepy about things that occur because of someone who for the most parts is just human...and of course the cult is involved this time...but you have no idea how they are involved...you just think that Walter is killing people.

I don't find cults scary...or great big beast gods...people though...and their abilities to harm other people.


Especially when Walter follows you through doors weilding a chainsaw and a Gun.... HELLO...


I am sick of people saying that just because there is no Radio or Flash light that this game is the worst silent hill....you gave up that fucking flash light for other things, and this is their brainchild not yours if they want it to evolve a certain way just fucking let them.


Either way is is definately my favorite in the series....from the moment Henry was all, "What this Hell?" It had won my heart.


No Way this girl is 5'3" and 99LBS http://proximity-effect.com/
What shite.

NO WAY ON EARTH...she is too tall and tool muscular.

Let's not talk about her torso being too long too...

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I deleted all my old entries.....

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